Furniture & Collectable

We buy & sell unique and interesting antique & vintage furniture. Our prices are always negotiable.

Many of our items have been rescued & repurposed so they can begin a second life as unique addition to your personal home design. We specialize in doing “interventions “ with ugly and outdated items, transforming them to beautiful, useful pieces ready for a second life. If you have an old piece of furniture that you cannot part with, but would like it to have a new look, we can do that for you.

Pik-ItZ! maintains a “wish list” of items our customers are look for, along with a growing list of experts in furniture restoration and specialized collections. We can help you find a replacement for a broken or missing piece of your set of china, or an item for your favorite collection. If you are a collector or admirer of household items from earlier times, we would love to meet you, learn from you, and be a partner in helping you find treasures for your collection.